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Probably last vent
This will probably be my last vent unless something really REALLY bad happens because I have learned my lesson from venting.
Venting is what kinda got me in this situation. Basically, a friend of mine asked me for "pictures" and I said no of course, and he kept begging me so I blocked him. We didn't make up for a few more days, and I still value my friendship with him.
In those few days, I vented to another friend of mine who was one of my really good friends that I have know for a really long time  about the situation and how awful I felt. After all this, I found out the friend I vented too had told another little group of people, one of the people she told pretty much interrogated me and wouldn't leave me alone. After that, I vented to my cousin, who has never been to school, and doesn't know much about ya know, social stuff. So after I vented to my cousin, my cousin contacted the friend that told the group of people what happened with me and the other dude. Apparently, they got in a huge fight. I was devastated when I found out, afraid of losing two friendships. I only lost one though. The next day at school, I tried to apologize to the friend that argued with my cousin, but she totally ignored me. After all this I realized something, I did absolutely nothing wrong, all I did was vent to the people that I thought I could trust,like any normal person. I didn't tell my cousin to message the friend that told everyone, and I didn't know that my friend would just tell a group of people what happened. That's why this is probably my last vent, because I learned that venting doesn't help at all and it has the potential to make things worse. I feel a bit better drawing this, though.
So like a million years ago, I made a bird demon OC named Mavis and I just finished her story line so I decided to draw her today!! ^3^
I have been so inspired by SU lately and I have done like a million drawings of it XD So I wrote a poem for a change, I hope you guys like it ^3^

"Rose's Pearl"

Fiercely have you fought 
Forever by my side 
I had never thought 
That you would be my pride 

Not once have you ever took a shaky breath
When I told you of the possible death 
That you might have standing by me
Instead you sat on one knee 
And served as the pearl you were meant to be 

Now my pearl, I have to go
Please, my pearl you have to know
That i'll be here in a different way
My pearl I know that you will slay
That home world please make them pay

Farewell my pearl I now must leave
Teach my boy what he needs to be
Tell him he must know how much I love him so
Goodbye my pearl I cannot stay my pearl I have to go
Give it a whirl my pearl your the girl my pearl 
I know you're strong I now must run along
Goodbye, my pearl.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi! I'm Marci ^3^ I live in Cleveland Heights OH, I have 2 giant dogs, a cat, and a smol fish ^3^ art is my life and I love to do it. I consider my self a skilled artist but not professional. I still have a lot to learn ^3^. I love to be myself and not be like everybody else ^3^ I love my family and friends and even if people don't like me I don't care about it. ^3^. I also love you all! <3 <3


Fire Alpaca
I am not as good with Fire Alpaca as I am with Ms paint, but i appreciate it if people will commission me with this program even though I'm not super skilled with it because I would love to learn more about it ^3^. I'm charging a bit more for these commissions because they take longer and require more effort ^3^.
Ms Paint
This program is probably the one I use best ^3^ It is also one of my favs ^3^ I will draw anything that you pay for, so note me if you are interested ^3^


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