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Moving accounts
Yes, I am moving accounts.

I feel like this account is going anywhere, I have been on it for like 6 months and I'm super inactive with not much watchers :/ 
I really want to express my creativity and get all the support I need but I can't get it on this account.. My new account is CatchingLullabies, check it out c:
For a DTA I entered, this character is so precious! <3
Pigeon's Blood Sapphire
I just realized I haven't posted in forever despite doing so much art ;-; I created this gemstone like 2 days ago, she may be up for adoption but idk I love her so MUCHHH, note me if your interested in adopting her tho ^3^
Birdy baby
My little bird baby <3 <3 I love her so much omg ^3^
Whats wrong baby..
"Whats wrong baby?" I feel like thats what this character is saying for some reason ^3^ I really like it though 
Soooo I had to do this for skewl, and I is quite proud of it ^3^ so I thought I would share it here ^3^, enjoy! 

Color your world

The creation of the color BLACK

Once upon a time, there were two powerful gods who ruled a beautiful world together as brothers. One of them was named Bruce while the other was named Caspian. One day, Caspian decided that he wanted all the power to himself and attempted to overthrow his older brother Bruce, which failed. Bruce banished Caspian into a realm of darkness where he would never escape , or so Bruce thought. Shortly after that, Bruce had a beautiful baby girl with his wife, Meredith. The little girl had bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks and wavy blonde hair, like the sun.  They named their child Mipha, Bruce wanted Mipha to be the happiest girl alive, and she was, for a while.

Bruce transformed his small world into a land of beauty and bright colors that Mipha adored. Mipha didn't know anything beyond this small world which by 16, she had explored it all. One day, Mipha was picking peaches from a tree on a very high hill surrounded by a meadow of daffodils, and she heard a raspy whisper. “Hello young Mipha.” Whispered a voice. She turned around, and saw nothing. “Who’s there?” She asked sternly. “Show yourself.”, “Did you know that there is more beyond this world?” The strange voice whispered to her. At this point she was now curious, “No, I did not.” She said. “I can show you the rest of the world.” The voice whispered to her. “Really?!” She asked excitedly, her eyes lit up with joy.  The voice chuckled, “Yes! Why of course.”, “but there is one tiny little thing you have to do first.” The voice said, a hint of evil in its tone.

“And what might that be?” Mipha asked curiously, her blue eyes narrowing suspiciously. Though Mipha was the slightest bit suspicious, she still wanted to see what was beyond her world. “Follow me.” The voice said, and a snow white rabbit appeared in front of Mipha. Its fur was shimmering and sparkling in the sunlight, almost glowing. It was beautiful, but something was wrong. Its eyes, a color that Mipha had never seen before. “Such a dark color..” Mipha thought as she stared into the rabbit’s rich, dark, eyes. “Now don’t just stand there!” The rabbit exclaimed. “Let's go!” at that moment, the rabbit hopped down the hill, and Mipha followed. They approached a dark pathway in a forest of trees. “I have never been to this place before..” Mipha whispered to herself. They followed the dark pathway, dark twisted trees closing in from the right and the left. It was almost as if they were smiling at them, a dark, wicked smile. Mipha was starting to feel uncomfortable. “Are almost there?” she asked, in a small voice, with a hint of fear that was growing each second they were walking. “Yes my dear.” The rabbit said. “Be patient.” After a few minutes, they arrived at the end of the pathway, before them was an opening to a small clearing, the shape of a circle. Mipha slowly walked into the clearing, the rabbit still in front of her. The trees still surrounded them in the clearing, it was getting dark, and the moon was rising. There was a tombstone in the middle of the clearing, vines surrounding it. The light of the moon was shining on it, making it easier to read. “The red of the goddess’s rein shall break the seal.” those were the words carved on the tombstone. Under the words was a strange, but vaguely familiar symbol.

“Now.” The rabbit said, a wicked smile forming on his face, a vile aura arousing from its spirit. “Time to start the ritual.” “...Ritual?” Mipha asked, she was freaked out. “What ritual?”. “You must help me with the ritual, then I will show you what is beyond this world.” The rabbit turned around and faced Mipha. “..You will help me, right?” The rabbit said in an intimidating tone, its dark eyes narrowing into an angry glare. “Um..” Mipha thought for a moment. “..Yeah sure I guess?” she said, afraid. The rabbit’s faced relaxed. “Great.” It said. “Now, take this.” A pin appeared in front of the rabbit, who nudged it, and it rolled and stopped when it touched Mipha’s shoe. She picked it up. “What do I do with this?” she said as she inspected the pin. “Prick your finger.” the rabbit said.

“Wh-what?” she asked. “Pardon?”. “I said prick your finger.” the rabbit said, irritated. Mipha gulped, and pricked her finger. “Ow!” she said and clenched her teeth. A small stream of blood emerged from her hand. The rabbit smirked. “Now, put your finger on that symbol.” It said as it nodded its head over towards the strange symbol under the words on the tombstone.
She started to tremble, and slowly walked over to the tombstone, each shaky breath she took caused her heart to race. She was now inches away from the tombstone. She crouched down, and put her bleeding finger onto the symbol. At that moment, a vile emerged from the symbol as it broke open. A strange portal opened, with the shape of a mouth, the aura was the same dark color as the rabbits eyes. “YES!” The rabbit laughed. The aura was so strong that it blew the now terrified Mipha back, where she was slammed into a tree on her backside. She screamed in agony and fear, and started to cry. The dark color emerged from the ground. The portal closed for a minute, then reopened and a figure stepped out. The figure was male, and had pale skin, almost white. The man was very slender and had rich, dark hair, now classified as the color, BLACK. His eyes were black with thin, white pupils,  his eyes were narrowed. He had a very defined face, his chin poked out but the end was rounded, his cheeks pointed inward and were slender. His lips were rather thin, and gray, however despite his thin lips, his wicked smile spread across his face, his teeth were sharp, more fang like than teeth. His nose was long and pointed out with a sharp tip, and didn't take up too much of his face.

He was wearing a black tuxedo, all black. The tie was black, and the rose was crippled. His shoes were pointy, almost sharp. The color white on his shoes was the only light thing about this man. A vile aura surrounding him. “YES!” he wailed, his voice sounded like a thousand dying voices were crying all at once. “AFTER 16 YEARS!”, “I’M FINALLY FREE!” the man laughed, and twirled around.

Mipha, had never seen this man before, but yet she feels as if she had known him her whole life. A word arises from deep in her memory and is blurted out. “Caspian?” She blurted. Caspian walked over to her and kneeled down.
“Yes my dear! It is I! Your dear uncle Caspian!” He said cheerfully. “Thank you for setting me free my dear Mipha!” he said, and stood up.  The new color, BLACK, now spread across the beautiful world, Corrupting all of it. Dove’s cried and children ran to their mothers, for BLACK was here.


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United States
Hi! I'm Marci ^3^ I live in Cleveland Heights OH, I have 2 giant dogs, a cat, and a smol fish ^3^ art is my life and I love to do it. I consider my self a skilled artist but not professional. I still have a lot to learn ^3^. I love to be myself and not be like everybody else ^3^ I love my family and friends and even if people don't like me I don't care about it. ^3^. I also love you all! <3 <3


Fire Alpaca
I am not as good with Fire Alpaca as I am with Ms paint, but i appreciate it if people will commission me with this program even though I'm not super skilled with it because I would love to learn more about it ^3^. I'm charging a bit more for these commissions because they take longer and require more effort ^3^.
Ms Paint
This program is probably the one I use best ^3^ It is also one of my favs ^3^ I will draw anything that you pay for, so note me if you are interested ^3^


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